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Temporary Hiatus

Sorry, I’m currently not available. Andreas Eisele Softwareentwicklung is currently not taking on new clients / projects. You may still contact me over the various channels provided here. Copyright Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

5 + 1 tips for new IntelliJ IDEA users

Why IDEA? It seems like a lot of people have migrated to IntelliJ IDEA over the years. As a long time IDEA user I can attest there are many reasons for that. So if you’re willing to make the jump here are some tips to ease your life. Of course your mileage may vary, and you don’t necessarily need to agree with my opinions. That’s completely fine. 😉 Import Maven Projects like a Pro Update I have it on good authority that while there are differences in how projects get imported, you should not have any problems regardles of how you do it.

Don't just blindly run mvn clean install...

TL;DR Believe me you almost never want to run the install goal. If you want to create artifacts use this command: mvn package throw in the occasional -D skipTests if you’re feeling adventurous. 😉 If you want to run tests (e.g. in a CI build) use this command: mvn verify If you’re not convinced please keep reading. about that maven install goal You see mvn clean install has been handed around for years as the goto command to “build the software”.

Prevent Hibernate from doing N+1 selects with constructor expression

The Motivation While basic CRUD operations with JPA / Hibernate are easy, every application sooner or later needs to introduce DTO style result objects for specific use cases like projections. That is part of the deal, no OR mapper can do your homework for you. Luckily JPA gives us a way of specifying exactly what result objects we expect from a query. One way to do that is to use JPQL with its so called ‘constructor expression’ in the select part of the query.

Moving to GitHub Pages, Pt.2

Further on Hosting Stuff with GitHub Pages Let’s repeat my ToDo list of the last blog post here and see where we are: create blog locally add content setup github pages add github action to auto deploy update DNS zone enable comments enable share links add meaningful content Not too bad? But how did we arrive here? Hosting under custom domain In theory that’s quite easy. Once you have GitHub Pages set up your page will already be available as username.

Moving to GitHub Pages

Hosting Hugo on GitHub Pages As mentioned in my last blog post my goal was to move this entire homepage to be hosted on github pages. TL;DR: My ToDo create blog locally add content setup github pages add github action to auto deploy update DNS zone Hugo Build The straight forward thing to turn this collection of Markdown and other resources into a proper webpage is to simply have Hugo built it.

Blogging with Hugo

A NEW BLOG This is not my first blog ever. Over the years I’ve maintained and scrapped various personal webpages including weblogs. Now it’s time for another try. I want to focus my writing here on tech and IT in whatever one may consider to be the professional side - but who am I kidding, a blog is never strictly professional. Let’s see how this goes. 😉 The Tech Stack I have some prior experience with both maintaining and running Wordpress blogs.